Top Best Gaming Laptop With Specifications

If you are a gaming lover and want a portable modern gaming gadget to play games wherever you want. When it comes to buy a gaming laptop the graphics are the most essential component to have some fun by playing your favorite games. Later you must find out the maximum RAM and the faster processors to play the hassle free games. You must consider the higher resolution screen features to enjoy the action. All of these parts must be settled in a good frame that must look like a gaming laptop. Here we found some of the best gaming laptop you can choose from as per your needs:

Alienware 15

Alienware-15-150x150This is one of the earliest released premade PC game, but it doesn’t mean that it’s still odd they have improved several features in their latest versions by adding Nvidia GTX 970M and 1TB of hard drive space and it has all features that you want in a gaming laptop. Alienware 15 is a complete gaming machine which is compatible with the company’s best Graphics Amplifier box.


MSI-GT80S-6QE-Titan-SLI-150x150If you are looking for one of the top gaming laptop MSI GT80S 6QE is the one that fulfill all of your requirements. Like its complicated name MSI’s Titan SLI comes with i7-6820K quad-core processor along with a GTX 980M SLI graphics card. This is one of the light weight gaming laptop but having awesome battery timing.

Razer Blade

Razer-Blade-150x150This is the best Razer gaming laptop, Razer Blade is having light boot feature and packed with great specs that make it the best gaming laptop among the list. The sleek and stylish design gives you an awesome feeling to show it your fellows. The gorgeous screen features comes with  3200 x 1800 QHD+ give you a unique experience to play higher graphics games.

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ASUS-ROG-Strix-GL502VT-150x150ASUS brings another great gaming laptop, the ROG Stix GL502VT is one of the latest entries among best gaming laptop. The machine comes with 1-inch thick and 4.8lbs weight only. The inner specs contains an original Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor and Nvidia GTX 970M along with 6GB of onboard GDDR5 VRAM.


Editor’s Choice

A large number of people find ASUS ROG Strix GL502VT the best one that comes with the perfect gaming hardware and bring the finest graphics on the portable screen. No doubt other mentioned laptops are also great to pick but the ASUS is the one that is being picked by most of the gaming lovers. This machines offers provide the all the extra accompaniments you get on the side.

Once again do not forget to find the following things when you pick a gaming laptop online or even at your local market. It must have:

  • Faster Processor
  • HD Graphics Card
  • Maximum RAM
  • High Resolution Screen
  • Perfect Keyboard
  • Perfect Cooling system
  • Less Fan Noise
  • Maximum Hard Drive
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